UST Faculty of Sacred Theology recommends the ‘Incorporation’ of DWIMS

On July 03, 2013, the Conventio ad affiliandum and Normae Servandae ad affiliationem theologicam exsequendam for the Incorporation of the DWIMS or Divine Word Institute of Mission Studies (Tagaytay City) to the Faculty of Sacred Theology, University of Santo Tomas (Manila) was signed by Rev. Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD (Director of the Institute), Rev. Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD (Vice Provincial Superior, signing on behalf of the Provincial Superior of the Society of the Divine Word, Rev. Fr. Nielo Cantilado, SVD), Rev. Fr. Rodel E. Aligan, OP (Dean of UST Faculty of Sacred Theology) and Rev. Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, OP (Rector of the University of Santo Tomas). These documents spell out the conditions that will govern the relationship of Incorporation between these two institutions.

The petition for Incorporation was initiated by DWIMS on January 2009. The next four years specify the details of the Institutes’ Statutes, Program of Studies and the relevant documentation. The Institute also then prepared its Library and other facilities together with the construction of its new building which is now nearing its completion. With the signing of the Conventio ad affiliandum and Normae Servandae ad affiliandum theologicam exsequendam, the entire documentation are now ready for submission to the Congregation for Catholic Education, whose final approval is the last requirement for the process.

The relationship of Incorporation will allow DWIMS to grant Ecclesiastical degrees (i.e. Licentiate in Sacred Theology and Doctorate in Sacred Theology, with concentration in Missiology) in the name of the University of Santo Tomas. The power to grant Ecclesiastical degrees is reserved only for Ecclesiastical Faculties that are “canonically erected or approved by the Apostolic See, which foster and teach sacred doctrine and the sciences connected therewith, and which have the right to confer academic degrees by the authority of the Holy See” (Sapientia Christiana, Article 2). This capacity has always been enjoyed by the University of Santo Tomas whose first Faculties were the Ecclesiastical Faculties of Philosophy and Sacred Theology. Other institutes (theology or philosophy) may only confer Ecclesiastical degrees through the relationship of Affiliation (to confer the Bachelor degree), Aggregation (to confer the Bachelor and Licentiate degrees) or Incorporation (to confer the Licentiate and/or Doctorate degree/s) with an Ecclesiastical Faculty.

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