The courses of study are covered in three cycles:

  1. The first cycle covers all the institutional subjects and a general initiation in the scientific method, after which the bachelor’s degree may be acquired.
  2. The second cycle covers special courses and special training in scientific investigation, after which the student may acquire the licentiate degree.
  3. The third cycle aims to lead the students towards academic maturity and a greater proficiency through scientific investigation as may be evidenced in the production of a scholarly thesis/dissertation truly relevant to the progress of the corresponding discipline.

The subjects offered in the above-mentioned cycles are divided into:

  1. Main subjects which are mandatory for both ordinary and extraordinary students;
  2. Auxiliary subjects which must be taken by all ordinary students in addition to the main subjects;
  3. Elective subjects may be offered in the second and third cycles.

The Faculty Council shall decide which auxiliary subjects are to be assigned to the extraordinary students.