General Guidelines for Thesis Writing

Each candidate for the Licentiate or the Doctorate degree is required to write a thesis to prove his/her aptitude for research as well as his/her ability to expound and clearly present the study of a previously designated theme.

The thesis for the Licentiate should be sufficiently extensive to comprise not less than eighty (80) and not more than two hundred (200) pages, double-spaced in a Times New Roman (12) font. The thesis for the Doctoral degree shall also be prepared in the same way but should not be less than two hundred (200) pages and not more than three hundred (300) pages.

The candidate for any degree has the right to select the theme of his/her thesis. However, the acceptance by the Moderator and approval by the Dean are required. Copies (three for the Licentiate and six for the Doctorate) of the thesis proposal should be initially submitted to the Office of the Dean, who will appoint the members of the panel of Examiners.

The Moderator for the Thesis must be appointed by the Dean, and shall serve as the candidate’s mentor for the writing of the thesis provided that the professor so chosen is also willing to serve as the Moderator.

After the topic of the thesis has been duly approved by the Dean, the candidate will work on it under the guidance of the Moderator for the established period of time, until the Moderator gives his/her final approval.

Candidates for the Licentiate or Doctorate degree must respectively submit four (4) copies and six (6) copies of their thesis, in the form prescribed by the Faculty, to the Office of the Ecclesiastical Faculties at least one (1) month before the examination for the degree.

Three (3) examiners for the Licentiate degree and five (5) examiners for the Doctorate degree shall be appointed to examine the submitted thesis. The Moderator and the appointed examiners shall pass a written judgment on the thesis not later than ten (10) days before the examination for the degree. If the decision of the examiners is favorable (no one has raised any objection to the contents of the thesis), then they shall form part of the examining tribunal. The candidate may however also be permitted to rewrite the thesis if in the opinion of the examiners such rewriting is necessary. If the vote of the examiners is unfavorable (at least three of the examiners do not recommend the thesis for public presentation and defense), the candidate shall be disqualified from taking the degree, unless the Dean and the Faculty Council decided to grant him/her the opportunity to rewrite the thesis.

After passing the oral defense, every student is required to comply with the post-defense requirements: a) revision of the thesis as recommended by the Examiners, b) submission of two sets of soft copies of the thesis, c) submission of two hard-bound copies of the corrected and approved thesis, d) publication of the Dissertation (either in part or in whole) in the case of a Doctorate degree.