Grading System

The grade in each subject shall be given by the respective Professor. Grades in the Faculty of Sacred Theology are not transmuted. They follow the following tabulated equivalents:

1.00  – 96% – 100%  – Excellent
1.25  – 94% – 95%  – Very Good
1.50  – 92% – 93%  – Very Good
1.75  – 89% – 91%  – Good
2.00  – 87% – 88%  – Good
2.25  – 84% – 86%  – Good
2.50  – 82% – 83%  – Fair
2.75  – 79% – 81%  – Fair
3.00  – 75% – 78%  – Passed
5.00  – 74% & below  – Failed


  1. FA — Failure due to absences (Failed)
  2. WF — Withdrew without permission (Failed)
  3. WP — Withdrew with permission
  4. Passed — Passing mark given to some specified courses


2.00 is required for credit in the Licentiate program and 1.75 is required for credit in the Doctorate program. Any student whose grade in a particular course is less than what is required of his/her program shall be obliged to take another course. However, those courses whose grades do not meet the required cut-off for a particular degree shall still be included in the computation of the General Weighted Average.

Class Attendance

A student who has incurred absences equivalent to more than 20% of the required total number of hours in a given term is given a grade of failure due to absences (FA).

Change or Dropping of Subject or Course

Any change of subject or course shall not be valid unless done during the regular period of registration by accomplishing the prescribed form and complying with all the other pertinent requirements.

To drop a course after the period of registration, the student must fill up the UST Form 6, secure the approval of the Dean and secure from the Secretary the corresponding endorsement of adjustment of fees.

Any regular student, especially those who enjoy 100% discount for tuition fees, may not be allowed to drop a course unless with a grave reason.

When a student drops a subject without the Dean’s approval, failure in the corresponding subject will be given.

Adjustment and Refund of Fees

Dropping of Program before the official start of classes: Student who officially drop a program before the official start of classes shall be charged with five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) only.

Dropping of Course/Program within the First Two Weeks from the Official Start of Classes shall be charged as follows: a) First Week: 25% of the total fees for the course / program, b) Second Week: 50% of the total fees for the course / program, c) After the second week of classes, concerned students shall be charged in full.

Application for refund of fees and/or adjustments should be made at the Accounting Division promptly after dropping the course/program. The date of the actual submission of dropping forms at the Accounting Division shall be the reckoning date for refund and/or adjustment of fees.