Academic Degrees

The cyclical courses of study offered in the Faculty lead to the following degrees:

  1. Bachelor (JCB): This degree is conferred after having successfully taken all the courses prescribed for the second cycle.
  2. Licentiate (JCL): The conferment of the degree takes place upon completion of the second cycle with a written thesis under the guidance of a moderator, a written comprehensive examination on the entire Code of Canon Law and a successful oral examination before a panel of three examiners appointed by the Dean. Students must have a general weighted average of not lower than 2.000 by the end of their second year (4 semesters) for them to qualify to the Licentiate program. After completing all the required courses, no student will be allowed to take the examination for the degree unless he/she maintains this general weighted average (2.000).
  3. Doctorate (JCD): This degree is obtained after a successful completion of the third cycle, complemented by the public defense of a well-elaborated thesis before a five-member panel appointed by the Dean and a Lectio Coram before the same panel.

As a matter of general policy, enrollees for the Licentiate or Doctorate degree must be able to finish the program within five (5) years following their enrollment. Those who do not meet the prescribed period may be required to take refresher courses to be determined by the Dean.