Bachelor of Arts Classical Major in Philosophy (AB CLASSICAL)


A four-year course which is available for all those enrolled in the Faculty either as an ordinary or extraordinary student. This however requires that the students must have fulfilled all the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education of the Republic of the Philippines.

Admission Requirements

Completion of a Secondary Education or its equivalent;

Written Recommendation/Permission from the Ordinary or Major Superior;

International students must accomplish all the legal requirements to pursue their studies in the University;

All applicants must have a working knowledge in Latin;

Must take and pass the entrance examination.

Courses Offered

Requirements for the Degree

Must complete all the prescribed courses for the degree with at least 60% of the total number of units taken from the Faculty of Philosophy.

Must have written a thesis at the end of the four-year study; such thesis must be approved by the moderator and two other examiners.

For a student to be accorded with academic honors, he must: i) have accomplished from the Faculty of Philosophy at least 76% of the total number of units (including the PE and NSTP units) required by the curriculum; ii) have no failing grade in any subject including PE and NSTP; iii) must have taken not less than 75% of regular load per semester of study, unless a lighter load was due to justifiable causes as may be determined by the Dean.

Master of Arts in Philosophy (c/o UST Graduate School)


This is granted through a special agreement between the UST Faculty of Philosophy and the UST Graduate School whereby those students who obtain the Ecclesiastical Licentiate degree could have their courses credited at the UST Graduate School so that they may be able to pursue the M.A. in Philosophy degree.

Admission Requirements

Graduates of AB Philosophy or any other four-year Baccalaureate course may simultaneously enroll in the Licentiate and Master of Arts in Philosophy after their completion of the Bachelor in Philosophy (Ph.B.) course or its equivalent. They must however comply with the requirements set by the UST Graduate School.

Requirements for the Degree

Must have previously earned a civil Bachelor’s degree;

They must complete all the courses required for the Licentiate in Philosophy degree;

Must enroll in six additional philosophy courses (3 units each) at the UST Graduate School;

Must accomplish the Thesis Writing requirements of the UST Faculty of Philosophy;

Must successfully defend the thesis in front of three panel members appointed by the Dean of the UST Faculty of Philosophy;

Must fulfill all the post-defense requirements set by the UST Faculty of Philosophy