Course Description

A three-year course of basic theological studies, which can be crowned with the degree of Bachelor in Sacred Theology. It covers all the institutional subjects and a general initiation in the scientific method.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted as an ordinary student in the First Cycle Program of the Faculty of Sacred Theology, the applicant must:

  1. Submit a written permission from his/her respective ordinary or superior. Laypersons seeking admission must also submit both a Certificate of Good Moral Character and a Written Recommendation from Superiors or Local Ordinary.
  2. Have an AB degree, major in Philosophy, or an Ecclesiastical Bachelor in Philosophy degree (either from this University or from other Center of Higher Studies approved by the ecclesiastical authorities), or any other Baccalaureate degree with a suitable knowledge in Latin and the compilation of courses prescribe in the preparatory program for SthB (please see the program prescribed in the UST Faculty of Philosophy).
  3. Have a working knowledge in Latin. Otherwise, they shall be required to take additional units in the Latin language.
  4. Have taken and passed the entrance examination.
  5. International students must accomplish all the legal requirements to pursue their studies in the University.

Courses Offered

Requirements for the Degree

An ordinary student must satisfy the following requirements in order to earn a Bachelor in Sacred Theology degree:

  1. To have passed all courses prescribed for the program with a general weighted average of 2.00. A failure in any main course disqualifies a student for the degree. Transferees, if any, must stay in the Faculty of Sacred Theology for at least a minimum of one year, and must complete at least 40 units. For any student to earn an academic honor, he must complete in the Faculty of Sacred Theology at least seventy six percent (76%) of the total required units of the program and must not have acquired a failing grade in any course.
  2. To apply officially for the oral comprehensive examination one month before the scheduled final examinations;
  3. To pass the oral comprehensive examination given by the Faculty;
  4. The final grade for the degree is composed of the weighted average (70%) and the oral comprehensive examination (30%).
  5. Theses for S.Th.B. oral comprehensive examination: