This is a program that prepares religious and lay men and women for theological, both religious and Christian Lay, formation and for their future apostolate as formators, teachers/catechists, and school managers.


The objectives are divided into primary and secondary objectives.

Primary objectives

  1. Actualize self as a person, a religious, and a professional
  2. Demonstrate understanding of philosophical and theological concepts
  3. Demonstrate adequate formation and instructional planning skills
  4. Demonstrate counseling skills
  5. Demonstrate basic research skills
  6. Design a program for self-evaluation and development
  7. Demonstrate strong management leadership

Secondary objectives

  1. Provide students with an Associate Diploma in Theology
  2. Provide college degree holders accreditation of some subjects towards the degree of A.B. Theology.


The UST-ITF is open both to religious and lay, male and female. Any student seeking admission into the program must be at least a High School graduate, must have basic English proficiency skills (oral and written), and must submit a recommendation letter from the superior.


A 20% discount on tuition fees will be granted to all enrollees, religious or lay. Other request for discounts will be on a case to case basis.

Program of Studies

The course subjects included in the program are categorized as follows:

  1. Foundational courses (F): These introduce the vocabularies and concepts, theories of the discipline (i.e., Theology)
  2. Defining courses (D): These are elements that constitute the essential and unique character and scope of the curriculum
  3. Complementary courses (C): elements that broaden the scope of the curriculum to ensure readiness or the three future tasks (as a formator, teacher/catechist, and school manager/principal).
  4. Integrating courses (I): experiences that involve students in the integration of concepts, analytical processes, principles and practices for analyzing, synthesis and direct application.

Courses Offered

F1: Philosophical Concepts 2
F2: Introduction to Theology 2
F3 – SS1: Introduction to Sacred Scriptures 2
F4 – SS2: Old Testament 2
F5 – SS3: The Gospels and Revelation 2
F6 – SS4: Acts, Pauline and Catholic Epistles 2
F7 – Dogma 1: God, One and Triune, Creation, Fall and Redemption 2
F8 – Dogma 2: Christology 2
F9 – Dogma 3: Ecclesiology 2
F10 – Dogma 4: Sacramentology 2
F11 – Dogma 5: Eschatology 1
F12 – Morals 1: Fundamental Moral Theology 2
F13 – Morals 2: Theological Virtues 1
F14 – Morals 3: Cardinal Virtues 1
F15 – Morals 4: Grace and Sin 1
F16 – Pastoral 2: Theology of Christian Perfection 1
F17 – Pastoral 3: Liturgy 1
D1 – Dogma 6: Mariology 1
D2 – Morals 5: Social Doctrine of the Church 1
D3 – Morals 6: Theology of Religious Life 1
D4 – Morals 7: Bioethics 1
D5 – History 1: History of the Catholic Church 1
D6 – History 2: Philippine Church History 1
D7 – Pastoral 1: Missiology and Interfaith Dialogue 2
D8 – Pastoral 4: Catechetics 1
D9 – Pastoral 5: Canon Law 1
C1: Theories and Principles of Human Development and Learning 3
C2: Principles and Methods of Teaching 3
C3: Measurement and Evaluation of Learners 3
C4: Introduction to School Management 3
C5: Preaching 1
C6: Guidance and Counseling 3
Observation, Participation and Practicum 6


Additional Requirements for AB Theology:

The following courses are to be cross-enrolled by students who would wish to proceed to the AB Theology program. They may complete these courses in the UST Faculty of Philosophy or in the other departments of the University. For valid reasons, they may cross-enroll these courses in Universities / Colleges outside UST. In the case of students with Tertiary education prior to their entry into the program, their completion of the same courses in their former College program will be credited for their AB Theology degree.

Salvation History 3
Church and Sacraments 3
Sociology of the Family 3
Political Science and New Constitution 3
Land Reform and Taxation 3
Kursong Rizal 3
Philippine History 3
Principles of Economics 3
Logic 3
Art Appreciation 3
Natural Science I 3
Natural Science II 3
Math I 3
Math II 3
Filipino I 3
Filipino II 3
Eng. 1: Grammar and Composition 3
Eng. 2: Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
Eng. 3: Essay and Essay Writing 3
Eng. 4: Speech 3
Lit. 1: Introduction to Literary Criticism 3
Lit. 2: Filipino Literature in English 3
PE 1 2
PE 2 2
PE 3 2
PE 4 2


Note: Students under the UST-ITF program would have to follow the policies of the civil faculties of the University (c/o Registrar’s Office) regarding the requirements for the conferral of the degree and honors.