The Faculty of Sacred Theology offers three cycles of theological studies leading to the Bachelor, Licentiate and Doctorate degrees respectively. Since 1978, the Faculty also offers at its Institute for Theological Formation (UST-ITF) a two-year non-degree program of theological and religious formation to religious sister and some lay people from various Congregations, Institutes and Dioceses. These courses are also credited for the AB Theology program which may also be made available for the graduates of the two-year ITF course.

Moreover, and in collaboration with the UST Graduate School, the Faculty of Sacred Theology offers a joint program for Licentiate in Sacred Theology and Master of Arts in Theology.

The Faculty of Sacred Theology extends its privileges of granting ecclesiastical degrees to other schools of Theology. In the spirit of collaboration and service to the Church, the Faculty grants degrees to graduates of its Incorporated Institute (Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia, Quezon City, Philippines), and Affiliated Schools and Seminaries (Holy Rosary Major Seminary – Naga City, Philippines; Immaculate Conception School of Theology – Vigan City, Philippines; Recoletos School of Theology, Quezon City, Philippines; and Dominican Center of Studies – Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam).

The Faculty of Sacred Theology, in collaboration with the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia, also has a Missiology program, whereby participating students are given the opportunity to earn Licentiate in Sacred Theology major in Missiology. Those students however whose courses are credited for an MA in Theology degree through the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia may no longer avail of the MA in Theology degree granted by the graduate school. Furthermore, applicants for this program starting AY 2011-2012, must also take and pass the entrance examination. Otherwise, they must first enroll in an English program and must be willing to take bridging courses.

The UST Faculty of Sacred Theology is one among the over 100 member schools from all over the world of the Conference of Catholic Theological Institutions (COCTI), a co-founding member of the Consortium for Theological Schools in the Philippines, and a co-founding member of the Center for Applied Theological Research (CATR) to which twelve other Philippine Catholic Theological Schools belong.